Friday, November 27, 2015

Another Single Seven Deer

Well I have been carrying my Single Seven ( 4 5/8") with me just about every time out & about in the woods. I think its a great little handgun for bumming around in the woods. I usually carry it with two or three of my home cast/loaded 32 H&R's up first, and the rest of the cylinder loaded with American Eagle 100gr 327's. I figure if I see a knot, squirrel, stump or whatever that needs shot the 32's will work fine, plus they are loaded fairly light and easier on the ears if I don't have my plugs in (I always try to though   >:D  ) and if something Big N Nasty  ;)    comes around just thumb the hammer & couple clicks of the cylinder and the hotrods are up. :o   8-)

I've thought a lot about trying it on a whitetail if conditions were right.
Well today I got my chance. I happened along this little wood road with the Super Redhawk 44 slung across my chest in an Uncle Mikes chest holster (Until I get something better) and the 327 on my hip. I just caught out the corner of my eye movement to my right. It was 2 deer, both bucks. One was a 4 ptr or spiker, the other a bigger deer but not sue what yet. I grabbed the little single 7 and thumbed it to a 327 and waited for a shot. The deer was facing me but had no clue I was there. He finally turned and gave me a nice quartering away shot and I Let'er Rip. He Jumped-n- Bucked and away he went. :o   He ran about 35 yds and stopped, standingin one spot waving his tail like the flies were driving him mad. He fell over in about 1 -2 minutes. The shot took out 3 ribs on his L-side along with his left lung and clipped the heart, continuing out the R- shoulder. The shot was approx. 50-60yds.
Not too bad for the little Pipsqueak ;) 8-)  
Sorry no pics. I didn't have a camera or phone and it was dark when I got home. He's hangin in the shed now. I'll grab some pics tomorrow in the daylight.
Thought Y'all might want to read a huntin story. Sorry about no pics.

It turned out to be a 7 ptr.... :D  Not big by manys standards but I was plenty happy! I love handgunnin deer or anything for that matter...


Thursday, November 20, 2014

More time in the field with the Single Seven

Like the Single Six the Single Seven is a pleasure to carry into the woods.  The 327 Federal Magnum chambering expands its capabilities and versatility.  

It isn't lightweight or compact which can have a negative affect on accuracy, and thus usefulness in the field.  It isn't a heavyweight or bulky either.  The Single Seven and Single Six bridge the gap, big enough to be useful, small enough to be easy to take along.  Hefty enough to shoot well without being a burden.  

Perhaps its greatest virtue is its time tested (Single Six) reliability.  I suspect the Single Seven will earn that reputation as well.

In my area encounters with aggressive Coyotes is common.  Pets are regularly killed by them and my own dogs have been attacked as recently as last spring.  Over the years I've learned the carrying and not needing is a lot better than needing and not having.  

Coyotes are impressively vicious for their size - about half the weight of my Labradors - and my dogs have been no match for them.  Had it not been for my intervention serious injury or worse would have certainly been the outcome.  Shooting a Coyote off of my dog is NOT really an option as the risk of a miss is to high.  I have found that the report and/or a shot at another coyote separated from the tussle was enough to end the skirmish immediately.  I've not yet, nor do I hope to use the Single Seven in this role but I am confident it will serve well if called to action.

We also have other wild critters that have NOT been a problem with our pets but have killed cattle and horses on our property, namely cougars and bears.  The cats are rarely seen but they leave plenty of dead Deer and Turkeys around to know they are there.  Bears are regular visitors, especially when the Deer are fawning, but typically aren't much of a threat to our pets.  They do more damage to trail cameras and if you aren't careful with your garbage your cabin and/or vehicle can suffer some expensive repairs.  The Single Seven wouldn't be my first choice for either of those critters but I do find it comforting to have with me when wandering in their territory.

For small game accurate 32 caliber revolvers shine.  The performance is impressive without being destructive.

A more common use and great way to become adroit with your Single Seven is to plink with it.  These days 22lr ammo is scarce and increasingly expensive.  The 32 caliber reloader can produce better performing ammo at nearly the same cost or even less by casting his own.

Knots make excellent targets
 Taking enough ammo along is easy due diminutive size of the various 32 caliber cartridges that will function in the Single Seven.

The stainless finish is an advantage in frigid temperatures when going in and out of warm cabins is part of the daily routine.