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More time in the field with the Single Seven

Like the Single Six the Single Seven is a pleasure to carry into the woods.  The 327 Federal Magnum chambering expands its capabilities and versatility.  

It isn't lightweight or compact which can have a negative affect on accuracy, and thus usefulness in the field.  It isn't a heavyweight or bulky either.  The Single Seven and Single Six bridge the gap, big enough to be useful, small enough to be easy to take along.  Hefty enough to shoot well without being a burden.  

Perhaps its greatest virtue is its time tested (Single Six) reliability.  I suspect the Single Seven will earn that reputation as well.

In my area encounters with aggressive Coyotes is common.  Pets are regularly killed by them and my own dogs have been attacked as recently as last spring.  Over the years I've learned the carrying and not needing is a lot better than needing and not having.  

Coyotes are impressively vicious for their size - about half the weight of my Labradors - and my dogs have been no match for them.  Had it not been for my intervention serious injury or worse would have certainly been the outcome.  Shooting a Coyote off of my dog is NOT really an option as the risk of a miss is to high.  I have found that the report and/or a shot at another coyote separated from the tussle was enough to end the skirmish immediately.  I've not yet, nor do I hope to use the Single Seven in this role but I am confident it will serve well if called to action.

We also have other wild critters that have NOT been a problem with our pets but have killed cattle and horses on our property, namely cougars and bears.  The cats are rarely seen but they leave plenty of dead Deer and Turkeys around to know they are there.  Bears are regular visitors, especially when the Deer are fawning, but typically aren't much of a threat to our pets.  They do more damage to trail cameras and if you aren't careful with your garbage your cabin and/or vehicle can suffer some expensive repairs.  The Single Seven wouldn't be my first choice for either of those critters but I do find it comforting to have with me when wandering in their territory.

For small game accurate 32 caliber revolvers shine.  The performance is impressive without being destructive.

A more common use and great way to become adroit with your Single Seven is to plink with it.  These days 22lr ammo is scarce and increasingly expensive.  The 32 caliber reloader can produce better performing ammo at nearly the same cost or even less by casting his own.

Knots make excellent targets
 Taking enough ammo along is easy due diminutive size of the various 32 caliber cartridges that will function in the Single Seven.

The stainless finish is an advantage in frigid temperatures when going in and out of warm cabins is part of the daily routine.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Single Seven - Over the Chronograph

Data for the 327 Federal Magnum is not as extensive as I'd like it to be so I've had to use what I've had.  Double checking data and working up loads incrementally are basic safety practices that I've used for decades.  I would recommend you do the same.

32 H&R Magnum Loads
A load that shoots very well in my Single Six has also proven to shoot well in the Single Seven.  That is a starting level load of W231 under a 100 grain RCBS 32-98 SWC.  The Single Seven averages 860 fps with this load, the S6 with the same barrel length averages 854 fps.

The Lil'Gun Max load under the RCBS 32-98 SWC averaged 1287 in the S6 and the S7 spit them out at 1315 fps. Another very accurate load in both guns.

Unique at a smidgen under the Oregon Trail data MAX for a 115gr bullet, using lighter the RCBS 32-98 SWC instead averages 1061 (about the same as the Single Six) and is impressively accurate.  For general purpose work this is a great choice for the 32 H&R magnum and might be even better with the 115 grain Lyman bullet.

-A Georgia Arms factory load using the Hornady XTP bullet averages just under 1200 fps in both guns. It has a loud(er) bark and the primers are well flattened. Accurate in both guns.

327 Federal Magnum loads
I don't have a lot of 327 data for 115 grain bullets.  What I did have listed W231 (and SR4756).  Using the Lyman 311008 I worked up to the published max W231 load.  The average velocity was 1230 fps which is within 1% of what is predicted by Hodgdon data. Very good accuracy and consistent velocities.  There are NO obvious pressure signs.  Easy extraction, primers nicely rounded.

At the Hodgdon Max loading for SR 4756 for 115 grain cast bullets the average velocity was 1118 fps.  Disappointing speed wise but an accurate load.

AA#5 at a bit under the posted max gets 1264 fps average with the Lyman 311008 and shows some serious promise accuracy wise.

Using Lil'Gun with the RCBS 32-98 SWC at the starting load averaged 1309 fps. I also tried the 115 grain Lyman 311008 with that load and it averaged 1361 fps.  Going a little further off the reservation (+ half grain) with the Lyman bullet the velocity averages 1420 fps.  I suspect that load is 100% of case capacity using that bullet or very nearly so.  Accuracy was good. I'm starting to see the primers getting a little flattened, nothing like the factory loads but not soft rounded edges of the other loads. At this level the Single Seven is bucking a little bit and the muzzle flash and blast is more noticeable,  comparable to hot 357 loads in bark though tamer recoil wise.

The two factory 327 loads I've tried are both from Federal (American Eagle).  The 85 grain JFP averages 1389 fps while the 100 grain JFP averages 1483 fps.  Accuracy wise I would give the nod to the heavier 100 grain load.  At 7 yards the 100 grain load prints 1" lower than the 115" cast loads traveling 200+ fps slower.

The Single Seven will accept and function with an OAL of 1.500". The two cast bullets I'm using are loaded to 1.475 for the RCBS and 1.485" for the Lyman bullet.  This requires crimping onto the driving band as the OAL would be too long if crimped below it.  At 1.450" the bullet can be crimped ahead of the driving band. 

The velocities some are getting in their Blackhawks may be out of reach in this little gun.  I am already into the velocity realm of my general purpose 32-20 rifle loads with the same Lyman bullet which has proven to be a very capable round both in punch and range (600 yards). It will be fun to find out how far the Single Seven will reach...

Single Seven Production numbers

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Initially, 1000 4-5/8", 1000 5-1/2" and 500 7-1/2" guns. Once those are all delivered we can re-order if the demand is there and it looks like it is right now.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Single Seven - First Impressions

Spoiler Alert: I like it.


The Ruger's Single Seven has exceeded my (high)expectations and was well worth the (difficult) wait.

I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  I have a 32 H&R Single Six and a 327 SP101, both of which I really like.  Like every other Ruger I've ever owned the Single Seven arrived ready to go to work.  Not so refined that I would be afraid to use it, but very handsome in my opinion.  Rugged and solid feeling.  Tolerances all checked out.

A quick stop by the range demonstrated some real accuracy potential.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Single Seven!!

Just when I thought the Ruger Single Six couldn't get any better... Lipseys announces it will produce a run of Stainless Single SEVEN revolvers chambered in 327 Federal Magnum!

They will be available in 4-5/8", 5.5" and 7.5".  I have my heart set on a 5.5" 

I've heard (forum rumors) they may start hitting the market by the end of this month.  Other estimates put delivery out as far as November.  I just hope they made enough of them!

The versatility of a revolver in this caliber for the handloader make it VERY appealing.  Capable of using 32 S&W, 32 S&W Long, 32 H&R and 327 Federal broadly covers a lot of velocities with standard over the counter ammunition.  The handloader could cover that same ground with just the 32 H&R and 327 loadings.  The economy of reloading for the 32 caliber Ruger rivals all, especially if you cast your own.  From paper targets to Coyotes this revolver has it covered.

I've been extremely impressed by the 32 H&R Magnums ability at longer ranges.  I expect the 327 Federal Magnum will be even better.

I find the seven round capacity appealing though I've read that some may not.  In a single action revolver especially it would seem advantageous.  While it is unlikely (but not impossible) that all seven would be needed in a hunting situation it would be comforting to know there more ready.  In past hunts I've not always reloaded after taking game and small game bag limits can get through most of the cylinder.  While hunting, carrying the ammo in the gun my preferred method.  Some extra in the pack typically comes along too though I try to carry as little as possible while out hunting in hopes that I will be returning more weight in the form of meat.

If it sounds as if I am excited about this revolver it is because I am.  Should I be fortunate enough to find one to buy it will be accompanying me while I'm checking game cameras, used to take small game and varmints, punch holes in paper targets, ring steel and take advantage plinking opportunities.