Friday, August 1, 2014

Single Seven!!

Just when I thought the Ruger Single Six couldn't get any better... Lipseys announces it will produce a run of Stainless Single SEVEN revolvers chambered in 327 Federal Magnum!

They will be available in 4-5/8", 5.5" and 7.5".  I have my heart set on a 5.5" 

I've heard (forum rumors) they may start hitting the market by the end of this month.  Other estimates put delivery out as far as November.  I just hope they made enough of them!

The versatility of a revolver in this caliber for the handloader make it VERY appealing.  Capable of using 32 S&W, 32 S&W Long, 32 H&R and 327 Federal broadly covers a lot of velocities with standard over the counter ammunition.  The handloader could cover that same ground with just the 32 H&R and 327 loadings.  The economy of reloading for the 32 caliber Ruger rivals all, especially if you cast your own.  From paper targets to Coyotes this revolver has it covered.

I've been extremely impressed by the 32 H&R Magnums ability at longer ranges.  I expect the 327 Federal Magnum will be even better.

I find the seven round capacity appealing though I've read that some may not.  In a single action revolver especially it would seem advantageous.  While it is unlikely (but not impossible) that all seven would be needed in a hunting situation it would be comforting to know there more ready.  In past hunts I've not always reloaded after taking game and small game bag limits can get through most of the cylinder.  While hunting, carrying the ammo in the gun my preferred method.  Some extra in the pack typically comes along too though I try to carry as little as possible while out hunting in hopes that I will be returning more weight in the form of meat.

If it sounds as if I am excited about this revolver it is because I am.  Should I be fortunate enough to find one to buy it will be accompanying me while I'm checking game cameras, used to take small game and varmints, punch holes in paper targets, ring steel and take advantage plinking opportunities.