Friday, November 27, 2015

Another Single Seven Deer

Well I have been carrying my Single Seven ( 4 5/8") with me just about every time out & about in the woods. I think its a great little handgun for bumming around in the woods. I usually carry it with two or three of my home cast/loaded 32 H&R's up first, and the rest of the cylinder loaded with American Eagle 100gr 327's. I figure if I see a knot, squirrel, stump or whatever that needs shot the 32's will work fine, plus they are loaded fairly light and easier on the ears if I don't have my plugs in (I always try to though   >:D  ) and if something Big N Nasty  ;)    comes around just thumb the hammer & couple clicks of the cylinder and the hotrods are up. :o   8-)

I've thought a lot about trying it on a whitetail if conditions were right.
Well today I got my chance. I happened along this little wood road with the Super Redhawk 44 slung across my chest in an Uncle Mikes chest holster (Until I get something better) and the 327 on my hip. I just caught out the corner of my eye movement to my right. It was 2 deer, both bucks. One was a 4 ptr or spiker, the other a bigger deer but not sue what yet. I grabbed the little single 7 and thumbed it to a 327 and waited for a shot. The deer was facing me but had no clue I was there. He finally turned and gave me a nice quartering away shot and I Let'er Rip. He Jumped-n- Bucked and away he went. :o   He ran about 35 yds and stopped, standingin one spot waving his tail like the flies were driving him mad. He fell over in about 1 -2 minutes. The shot took out 3 ribs on his L-side along with his left lung and clipped the heart, continuing out the R- shoulder. The shot was approx. 50-60yds.
Not too bad for the little Pipsqueak ;) 8-)  
Sorry no pics. I didn't have a camera or phone and it was dark when I got home. He's hangin in the shed now. I'll grab some pics tomorrow in the daylight.
Thought Y'all might want to read a huntin story. Sorry about no pics.

It turned out to be a 7 ptr.... :D  Not big by manys standards but I was plenty happy! I love handgunnin deer or anything for that matter...